First Iterations of the Final Assignment

Hello evil-doers.

In the absence of new material this week, I thought we could post up our most recent versions of our final assignment to give each other feedback. I suppose we could also comment on the guest lecture, but to be honest I don’t have much intelligent to say about it because most of it was beyond me. Most of what I walked away with was that I need to do a lot more thinking before I consider grad school.

So, I’ll post my iteration and paraphrase Professor O’Gorman’s comments so far. He outlined a few areas of concern, all related to the front face of the cover. First, he said that there is a desire to want to see the centre of the spiral, and the pipe blocking it is disruptive of that. Though I see his point, I was thinking that the spiral makes the viewer focus on the pipe. Second, he said that the text at the bottom seems something of an afterthought. My dilema is that the large text “Words & Images” isn’t the full title of the pdf… “Magritte’s Words and Images” is. However, due to the current way my text works, adding “Magritte’s” on top would ruin the balance of the design.

I’m up for suggestions and will certainly give constructive criticism if you guys post your designs up!




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