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As a brief refresher, Tuesday’s workshop called for us to create a hypericon for Barthes’ “The Third Meaning” using an image, display text, and subtext. The only large images I could find were portraits of Barthes himself, which I didn’t think were the right approach because Barthes doesn’t discuss pictures of himself in his work (as far as I know). So, instead, I found a picture of Ivan the Terrible, which Barthes discusses because of the actor’s beard. It was not the greatest quality image, and I wanted it to be full-bleed for my hypericon, but it is what it is. For display text I found Barthes’ actual signature, which, for me makes the hypericon resemble a Ray-Ban ad (see below). Finally, I used a simple Serif font to write “The Third Meaning” and to avoid too much display text. I know writing in all capitals is frowned upon, but I figured I wasn’t abusing the technique.

rayban_Black Kids_clubmaster

Finally, I thought (assuming it’s within the rules) that we could post up screen shots of the early iterations of our final assignment on the blog. We could brainstorm ideas with each other and get feedback prior to submission? I’ll post what I have in my next post!

Happy St. Pat’s folks!


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