3-D Art

In preparation for the final assignment, as well as class on Tuesday, I’ve been focusing some energy on Alex White’s “The Elements of Graphic Design”. This post in particular, will discuss Chapter 9: Three-dimensional space.
In this chapter I enjoyed looking at several of the examples that flood the pages. In particular, and if I understand the captions, I find Michael Bierut’s poster on page 138 interesting (bottom right image). The perceptual illusion of the shadow and the curved portion on a 2D poster is really amazing. It makes meat want to see the actual poster in person to truly believe it. Perhaps that is the urge Walter Benjamin was talking about when he stated that people want to have a closeness to a work of art. Anyway, this particular illusion of a third dimension sparked my interest.

A couple of examples outside of the textbook came to mind after thinking about Bierut’s poster.

First, 3D chalk art (as seen below, first image), tricks the human eye to great degree and effect. The example I have inserted into this post is just one example, and I invite you to enter a quick Google search to explore for yourself. I chose the example that I did because I have a fear of heights, and it amazes me that chalk on an otherwise normal street is enough to make me feel uncomfortable. Side note: Do people get paid for this? This must have taken an age to create.

Second, the baseline logo at the Air Canada Centre for Toronto Raptors games attempts to look 3D, despite merely being screened onto the court (second image below). The illusion of a 3D sign is exclusive in this example. Depending on the angle that you view the image at, it will either look 3D or like a horrible experiment with WordArt on Microsoft Word.¬† I’ve attached an article about it below the image.






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