Juxtaposition Similarity (and more)

Here are some options, I don’t why my previous post deleted itself :/


I’m leaning towards the twizzler one

safe sex campaign 012 Showcase of Safe Sex Campaign Ads and Posters

^ Fusion opposition?? The only interpretation that could allow this is if we said that the condom is safer than a soldier’s parachute… I admit that might be a bit of a stretch



^ A better juxtaposition similarity?


4 thoughts on “Juxtaposition Similarity (and more)

  1. or this. it’s less of a juxtaposition, but he’s using a very strict definition of juxtaposition. technically, the shadow and the cigarette are two juxtaposed parts. this is the first definition of juxtaposition from dictionary.com: “an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.”

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