Gettin’ down to business

Hey guys,
1.  So O’Gorman kept making comments that we needed to make sure we included everything on the poster, or justify its omission.  With that in mind, I think that keeping the title of the company is important.
2.  As for colour coding, I agree that the pins looked a bit odd, but I think that colour coding the titles on the Polaroids has potential.  Note:  In the attached photo, I didn’t change the pin colour (laziness?)
3.  The corkboard texture used should be fine, it was just slightly smaller than the document size.  Keep in mind that the poster is only 11″x17″… zoomed-in views in PS will look low-res, but in actual size it will look fine (we could do a test page anyways).  Note that the ‘actual size’ option in Photoshop zoom function calculates it at 72px/in, meaning our 300px/in image will show up over 4x zoomed after hitting ‘actual size.’  Sounds confusing, but this link explains it:
4.  I modified the border, but it does look a bit cluttered… maybe a lighter colour will help fool the eye?  I tried moving some stuff around too.


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