Adding the Ads

How’s this? I erased the black, put the ad in a layer underneath the poloroud frame, and filled the rest white. I’m up for comments and suggestions. I’ve also fixed all the other little things.

EDIT: I now have tried placing our current 7 ads into the frames in a similar manner. I think it looks decent. I’m short of other ideas.

IMPORTANT: IF WE USE THE M.A.D.D. ad, it needs to be doctored/ photoshopped to remove the text. So that would use up our one photoshop option. Only other option is to find a new ad for replacement opposition.

Post your thoughts!





2 thoughts on “Adding the Ads

  1. For the ads with the simpler background colours, could we use the colour sample tool and fill the remaining white space? For the fusion similarity, we could move it the leftmost edge and then fill the remaining white space with the pink exposed past the right of the image. Let me know what you think?

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