Quick Update

I haven’t uploaded this to drive because I don’t know if it’s what people had in mind. CS100 was driving me insane so I switched over to this as a creative outlet. So all that’s been updated is the text on the poloroid. I tried to get a sharpie-looking font. Meaning Operation and Visual Structure colours match from the headings to the poloroids.

Is the font to your liking? Does including the company, ie: “Hawaiian Tropic” put too much text on the poster?

By the way, I think the font looks a little bit more sloppy from a distance. But the actual pixels, screen print (second image) shows that the font is quite basic.


screeny4 screeny3


2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. I do think the colour coding works. The different colours of pins actually made things more confusing, I think, since they technically places more importance on visual structure than meaning operation; this way, they have equal importance.

    I think you can probably get rid of the titles of the companies – it does look nice now, but the labels are fairly arbitrary in that we will be discussing and explaining them in our essays, and the ads should speak for themselves. Plus, it’ll look cleaner.

    I know uploading the huge psd file takes ages, so I’m going to link you to this instead. I keep looking at the close-ups of the cork board and noticing that the resolution isn’t that great – it might not show up in print, but I’d like to be certain, so here’s a large image for you to work with (you can even use half if it looks too busy, up to you):

    Or we can always print a test file and see if it looks good. Actually, that’s probably a good idea either way.

  2. Oh, do you still think the border should be thicker? I can do that if you send the file over after all. Though I think we might be losing a fair bit of room and cluttering things up, horizontally.

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