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Greetings fellow evil-doers.
I thought this blog post could explain what I’ve done to the poster today, as well as pose some questions.

First: the sticky note. I’m not sure what the text should read, so I put our group name and the assignment name from the syllabus. The only other thing I could think of was including “” in even smaller type below, but I thought it might just contribute to “clutter” (Alex White bonus points?). I also added a meme face that is looking to the right to add to the way-finding effect. The meme face and the font on the sticky note were both free downloads from It’s a great site to find free fonts, and the “handwritten” category was particularly helpful for our realistic poster. The font for all of the text on the poster is called “Mari David” and comes in regular, bold, and extra bold. If the drop shadow is not executed very well on the sticky note it’s because I never really know what I’m doing with drop shadow, so feel free to make it look better.

Second: the pins. Whoever added the very first pin to the .psd deserves the credit here. I just duplicated the original for the other 8 polaroids. Each visual structure (juxtaposition, fusion, and replacement) correspond to a different pin colour. I simply focused on colour-coding the pins; I did not worry about what colours I was choosing. If someone had a better colour scheme in mind, it’s an easy fix. Another thing we can consider is whether or not we want the pins to be in the top-left corner of each polaroid, and piercing at the same angle. It makes the design have more unity with all the pins being consistent, but this makes the poster lose some realism.

Third: paper headings and other pins. The other headings are just downloaded ripped paper stock photos. Again, the drop shadow may be shoddy. The font on the headings is from the same family as the sticky note, it just happens to be the regular version (the sticky note features the bold). I chose dark blue to make it look somewhat like a pen, or a blue sharpie. Also, as discussed in class, I included a different type of pin for these headings so that our design choices show intent and classification.

Forth: the axis. I figured out a way to fit the “Complexity” and “Richness” axis on the poster even though the “Visual Structure” heading overlaps the border. I placed them in the bottom right corner rather than the top left, which seems to work. I don’t know that it’s a problem that the arrows point at the words. (Look at the original matrix on pg 116 of the original article to see what I mean.) For the labels here, and the arrows themselves, I read a tutorial to make a chalk-like brush. It was fun!

So, some questions:

  1. Can whoever made the original border, make it thicker? Maybe another 50%? The “Complexity” and “Richness” labels are too squished. I didn’t want to mess up the border.
  2. Should we keep the pin arrangement as is? Or make them more sporadic?
  3. Should we keep the pin colour-scheme as is?
  4. Should anything be removed from the sticky note? Or should anything be added?
  5. What do you guys think of the font choice? I know we have to keep a logical pattern with our text. So far, the same font is used everywhere (albeit one is the bold version). I think it looks good right now, but should we use a different font for the poloroids?

Screenshot below, .psd on Drive.




2 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. I think this poster looks awesome. My main concern is whether we’ve adequately conveyed that the 9 photos are part of a categorization grid. Although we haven’t labelled the types of meaning operation and visual structure to the polaroids, when we do, I was thinking maybe we could match the font colour of Juxtaposition, Fusion and Replacement with the font colour of Visual Structure and do the same for Connection, Similarity and Opposition with Meaning Operation? Do you think that would help?

  2. Let me see if I understand what you’re saying. I’ll provide an example. Visual Structure (green), Meaning Operation (purple). So Juxtaposition-Connection, the top left poloroid, would show as Juxtaposition(green)-Connection(purple). So the colour scheme of the headings would be the same for all 9 squares? If so I think that is a good call.

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