Filling in the blanks

Here is my best guess at filling in the blanks.  Unfortunately, they are hard as hell to fix.  Here goes…

ALSO.  It appears I found all of these on Ads of the  To be honest, I found them all over, it just kept pointing me back to this site.  Cool eh?

Let me know what you think.  My only concern is that the replacement-opposition ones rely too heavily on ‘the abstract’ — not representing a product, but rather what the opposite of that product represents. 

Fusion-opposition (without text)

–          The negative connotations from the cigarettes make the food look gross; without that implication, the food looks great

–          The gross products together become a burger (fusion)

–          The burger is made of smokes and stuff (opposition)

  • You wouldn’t eat cigarettes, why inhale them

Replacement-opposition (without text)

–          The energy of the device is replaced by the guy sucking air

–          The product is missing (replacement)

–          The replacement shows the opposite of the product’s potential (opposition)

Replacement-opposition (without text)

–          The clean air is replaced by dirty smoke (replaced)

–          The smoke is obviously not good for you, clean air is promoted (opposition)

Replacement-opposition (without text)

–          The sign to turn left is replaced by the right to turn right (replacement)

–          The sign is pointing in the opposite direction of where to go (opposition)




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