The Root of All Evil (Another Ad Post)

Although I’ve found a handful of evil ads since last Thursday, I’m posting the ones that are simple in terms of semiotics (relatively low Sign manipulation) and therefore rhetorically simple. We can discuss if we should replace some of the previous ones after looking at these. EDIT: I just read over the recent posts and I realize some of these overlap
joy_of_pepsi_straws^ Juxtaposition  – Opposition; the Pepsi can and “non Coke” can are juxtaposed but Pepsi is the only drink of the two that does not repel the straw.

^ Replacement – Connection; The Post-It note is an extension of memory. It can be assumed that the guy will forget her name unless the Post-It is there to conveniently remind him.


^ Fusion – Similarity – This gum is cold as ice


^ Juxtaposition – Similarity; the MagLite is similar to the glory of a spiritual halo


^ Replacement – Connection or Similarity? This ad is slightly evil. The Hulk is wearing a band-aid, suggesting the product is good enough for superhuman injuries but it can also be said that the user feels like Hulk upon wearing the band-aid.

Here are also three more, which I think are duplicates of some of the categories I just presented –

Picture-5Document 5Picture-4


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