Moving Forward.

I should start off by saying that that I was very tempted to change the background image to Dr. Evil.

I’ve been extra critical in my new search of ads. As a result, I’ve only found two I am completely comfortable with in a considerable amount of time.

1. Disneyland Paris Ad. Fusion-Connection. I didn’t get this ad until I read the comments where it was posted. At first, I was thinking that the glasses were representative of a famous French person (but then I put my finger on who the glasses reminded me of… Ghandi… who wasn’t French). The glasses are key to understanding the fusion of this ad nonetheless. The combination of the glasses and the nose form the iconic shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. Professor O’Gorman was looking for ads that had fusion with the product logo, and I think the logo is fused onto Santa’s face here. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what the connection to Santa is though? Depending on our explanation, I suppose it could also be Similarity. It’d be nice to know the official explanation there.


2&3. Edding Correxion Pen. Juxtaposition-Connection. Below, I have posted two different print ads from the same campaign and for the same product. The idea is that the white-out-thinger can fix mistakes, and can rewrite history. The juxtaposition comes in with the image on the left, and the right, while the product is placed in the middle to show the chronology, connecting the images on either side. The first ad displays the infamous headbutt of French soccer star Zinedine Zidane (white) on the Italian Marco Materazzi (blue). France went on to lose the game, and Italy won the tournament. The pen corrects this “mistake” and the image on the right shows Zidane celebrating with the World Cup trophy as if France had won the tournament. The second ad works the same way, but instead features the hilarious Miss Teen USA South Carolina incident in 2007. I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard of it. The pen can fix her answers and ensure that she wins the tiara! juxtaposition-connection2 juxtaposition-connection


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