The Final Puzzle Pieces

I revisited the ads already posted, and the two positions that remained unaccounted for were: juxtaposition-similarity, and juxtaposition-opposition. So, with the time I have before my next lecture, I tried to find ads that would work. I got the idea that maybe an easier way to find multiple juxtaposition-utilizing-ads in one place is to search for “Two Page Print Ads.” These, I figured, would display a juxtaposition from one page to the next.

1. Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil Ad. The ad uses juxtaposition to show the differences in tan you can achieve by using the product. Now, this ad can work as either opposition (can keep you from looking pink), or, similarity (can help you achieve a dark tan). This makes the ad an easy conversation piece for our essay. I suggest we label it as Juxtaposition-Opposition because the product is located on the darker side, opposing the pink, and also because juxtaposition-opposition is a hard type to find.



2. DHL Ad. (Another shipping company like FedEx.) This ad has a page of transparent film bound between either side of the delivery process. The original location is juxtaposed beside the final destination that the parcel is being shipped to. The transparent page depicts the DHL employee delivering the parcel. This is a simplified portrayal of the service that DHL provides, so I shall label it Juxtaposition-Similarity.



This is just the first iteration of the poster, so I say, we just put all these together in a PowerPoint in time for tomorrow’s lecture. I’m sure that we can change our minds about the ads over the course of the next week. (Also, we can find the ads in higher quality/ greater size.) So, according to my counting, we have found all 9 slots in the grid. Who wants to put this together?


One thought on “The Final Puzzle Pieces

  1. I can do it. I’ll upload it to Google Drive later.
    I’ll just put the title (ie. ‘Juxtaposition-similarity’) and the photo. Whoever found it can give a short speech about why they chose it. Sound good?

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