Baroque Scopic Regime


As soon as we started to talk about the Martin Jay’s Baroque scopic regime I began to visualize scenes from Where’s Waldo. As a child I didn’t just love trying to find “Waldo” and his pals, but also all of the chaos that cluttered the pages. The image that I have created is, admittedly, hard to look at and frustrating. It is cluttered and the text orientation is shocking. However, that’s what I was going for because that’s what I took away from the Baroque scopic regime.

Update: Waldo is still very much at large.

ALSO: I know what we have posted isn’t final for our poster, but after looking back there seems to be a lot of repetition as to where are ads are falling on the grid. So far we keep coming up with Juxtaposition-Connection, Fusion-Similarity, and Replacement-Connection (we also have a Replacement-Similarity). So, we’ll talk before class but we should start looking for what’s missing! Particularly, opposition.


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