Innovative Print Ad Technology

This is pretty cool. Definitely a step up from the interactivity of bar codes that can be scanned by smartphones in print ads. I wouldn’t have thought new technology was being created for print advertisements, considering print isn’t exactly a booming industry today. This made me think of some of the topics in the first two chapters of Dr. O’Gorman’s “E-Crit.” It seems print as we know it won’t just be modified in purely a scholarly context, but in advertisements as well.

Also, I found a site that has some pretty high quality ads (size, clarity):

From this site, I thought this ad was creative. The drill is so powerful it twists the lines in the wood (although, I’m not sure that is desirable). The drill is not immediately present, so I’d say that this is replacement. Also, Connection, because the drill “could” do this. (link below).


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