Some more ads!

Warning: this post may be longer than intended. I keep finding more and more thought-provoking ads, and I can’t seem to narrow them down – but like Matt said, it’s good to have variety when it comes down to the actual project. I also focused generally on print ads, since it’s much easier to find high resolution images for those as opposed to photographs of billboards and the like.

A quick sidenote: I wonder how many of our ads will overlap with other groups’ selections…

First off, let’s have some minimalism (these aren’t actually high resolution, but the Jeep image would be fairly easy to resize).


Combine the off-road capabilities of a camel with the ferocity of a wolf, and a Jeep is born. Using very simple colours and silhouettes, the ad manages to say everything it needs to without resorting to text.

It’s hard to place this one, however. At first glance, I want to say fusion, since we see the outline of a Jeep in the layered silhouettes – however, does the silhouette actually mean the Jeep is present? Or does that not count? Otherwise, it would be replacement. I throw this one out to you guys: I’m leaning towards fusion, but what do you think?

No matter which level of complexity this ad exhibits, it’s clearly a comparison of similarities, since it’s attributing the characteristics of these two animals to the Jeep.

Next up: Haribo Gummy Bears


This one is definitely replacement. Why? Well, it’s not juxtaposition or fusion, so that’s all we’re left with.

It’s also comparing the flavour of the candy to an orange, essentially saying there is no difference between the two, placing its meaning operation under the category of similarity.

That was easy!

Next: Fortis Bank: Plastic Surgery Loans


I realize this one has text on it, but since I assume none of us speak Turkish, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Two images side by side make this a juxtaposition, simple as that.

Its meaning operation is a bit more complex: you get our loans, you get to look however you want. That is to say, not like the girl on the left. At first, I thought this was opposition, since the two images are clearly opposites. Then I remembered that the product has to provide opposition, and that’s entirely absent from the image. Instead, I’m going to call this a connection: our loans will lead you to this.

Last one for now: Senior Self Defense Academy


Not too sure about this one since the text pretty much explains what it is, but it’s also just a logo. Thoughts?

Again, this is an example of replacement, since we’re seeing the aftermath of the fight. However… is this a connection? As in, the defense classes are connected to seniors beating up thugs with their walkers. That seems to make the most sense to me, but if you guys don’t agree, it’s open to interpretation.

Alright, this post is getting too long, so I’ll continue this in a part 2 later on. Give me your feedback!


One thought on “Some more ads!

  1. First, the Jeep ad. It is, indeed, trickier than it seems. It is clearly two images fused together, but the result is a crude cartoon jeep. Is that enough to say that the product is present? I’m not sure. However, if we’re forcing it anywhere on the grid, I do agree that it is fusion. But yes, it is clearly an example of Similarity. So far, two votes for fusion on this one.

    Next, the Haribo ad. Your placing of it on the grid is spot on. I think this one is ideal for our actual poster as it seems pretty simple slotting it in (which is a rarity).

    And, the Fortis Bank ad. Clearly juxtaposition as you indicated. Also agree that it is connection. Fortis Bank itself is not “similar” to plastic surgery, and the opposition of the two women is not showing an opposition of their actual product. (A loan is somewhat intangible in the first place.) Fortis Bank is connected with looking “better” because it can provide the resources to obtain… beauty?

    Finally, the Senior Self Defence ad. I’ve seen this ad before and I like it a lot. I don’t think the text of the logo is an issue at all. I agree with replacement and connection.

    So, no dispute for me! Good finds!

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