Ads and such

To begin; a disclaimer.  I realize that this exercise uses primarily print advertisements, but I found these ads of mixed genres particularly interesting.  I can post more print ads later so we have plenty to choose from for our project.  Also, Quinn is right… this is a lot harder than it looks.

I’ll start with the difficult one for Mars bar.  Image

By definition, this is a juxtaposition (two images placed side-by-side). 

For this one, I’m going to say its a connection, seeing as the tongue guy’s billboard is directly interacting with the frozen Mars bar.  Without the Mars bar, the tongue makes no sense whatsoever.  It is also pretty clear that the implied temperature of the Mars bar justifies the reason why his tongue is stuck to the candy.  If there were no ice cubes or text in the Mars billboard, an argument could be made for replacement.

Next up:  FedEx (theme for today apparently)


This ad I would say is a replacement, seeing as the package being delivered is not seen, nor is a delivery person (however, is represented by the van).  The ladder leading to the sky represents a recipient of a package, implying that FedEx delivers everywhere, no matter where it is, AND they will go to lengths (get it?) to deliver to you.  In addition, the ladder into the sky in combination with the white colour scheme suggests a ‘heavenly’ feeling, suggesting that FedEx is good and nice and is someone you could introduce to your mom. 

Last up:  Some juice packaging (zipp?)


This is a fusion of the bottle’s container, suggesting that it is full of fruity goodness.  Note how the zip is barely opened, and how it is bulging so much that the zip cannot be closed (yes, I noted the joke here too).  I would say that this is a similarity in the Phillips/McQuarrie matrix, suggesting that this drink IS LIKE opening a zippered pouch full of fruit (although, that doesn’t really sound like a good time). 

Let me know what you think.


One thought on “Ads and such

  1. First, the Mars Bar ad. I agree that it is fusion, and it really is a cool ad. Initially I wavered between similarity and connection, but in the end I agree that it makes sense as you placed it in connection.

    Second, the FedEx ad. Man, this company makes tricky ads for this matrix. It clearly isn’t juxtaposition, nor is the product fused with anything to make it fusion. However, I can’t say I agree that it is replacement either. It depends what FedEx’s “product” is, and to me the delivery trucks are possibly as close to the product as we can get. This is tricky considering FedEx is a service company. I agree with your explanation, but I may suggest that we stay away from this ad for our poster.

    Third, the Zipp ad. I agree 100% with your assessment of fusion and similarity. They want us to get the impression the juice tastes like a fruit basket (wicker basket not included).

    Great finds sir.

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