Print Ads

(A slight disclaimer here: My laptop is on the fritz, and as a result, I’m composing this post on “Safemode”. All text, tool bars, and otherwise are massive. If anything goes wrong with this post, blame Bill Gates.)

First off, I should say that finding print ads to slot definitively into Phillips’ & McQuarrie’s matrix  is more time consuming and challenging than I had assumed. Juxtaposition, in particular, seems to be uncommon. More of a focused effort can be directed toward finding ads with juxtaposition in the future, but I figured that this first posting of ads could just include some interesting ads that fit elsewhere.

Without further ado, here are a few ads that caught my eye and my initial inclination of where they could fit in the matrix:


Above is an ad for an electric toothbrush fused into a light sabre. I am posting this one because fusion seems to be less common than replacement. This would fall into fusion and similarity, because the toothbrush is fused into the light sabre, and the toothbrush is like a toothbrush in the vigilant fight for dental hygiene.


Above is an ad for a Toyota SUV. This ad is an example of replacement because there is no Toyota vehicle present, and the meaning operation is connection (in my opinion of course). The ad argues that the vehicle is capable of on-road and off-road driving.


Above, is obviously, a FedEx ad. I don’t have this one entirely figured out. Clearly it is arguing that FedEx is faster (or arrives faster) than the competition. FedEx’s product, arguably, is their delivery trucks. Therefore, the ad cannot be replacement. So, I have decided that it is an example of fusion. Is this similarity? That’s the way I’m leaning.

Discuss what I’ve posted, post your own finds, and stay thirsty my friends.




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